What We Do

We offer a wide range of Accounting Services to help clients understand their businesses through the numbers, and then use those numbers as a tool to manage their businesses more effectively and, ultimately, be more successful.

How We Are Different than Traditional Accountants

You are probably thinking, I haven’t heard of an accountant who doesn’t prepare tax returns. We aren’t the normal accountants that come to mind when you think about taxes and accounting. We are Real Time Accountants.

What is a Real Time Accountant?

Rather than explain what a real time accountant is, let’s compare the Typical (or Redundant Historical) Accountant to the Real Time Accountant.

What Our Clients Say

Making the switch to Lynea Paradis Accounting Solutions was one of the best business decisions our company could have made. She and her team were able to take a very close look at our books and practices, streamline our processes and make sure we were operating based on best practices. Her advice and assistance is always with an eye toward helping the company grow and be profitable. Although we started out only using Lynea Paradis for accounting services, we very quickly moved our payroll services to her company as well since she provides cost-effective, efficient and responsive services. She is always just one phone call away!

I have already recommended her to anybody looking for accounting services within the Tucson and/or Phoenix markets and will continue to do so!

Keri, Attorney

Redundant Historical Accountant
Real Time Accountant

Redundant Historical Accountant Real Time Accountant
Offers advice AFTER an event. Offers Advice BEFORE an event.
Focused on Processing
historical data
Focused on adding value to client
Waiting for things to happen Forecasting what will happen
Majority of revenue in compliance Majority of revenue in
Business Advisory
Unknown pricing in arrears Prices every project upfront
Seldom visits / calls clients Visits and calls on
systematic basis
Slow to follow up Follows up on every opportunity
Doesn’t promote the latest thing Always promoting
Most clients on ‘hard drive’ accounting Most clients on ‘cloud’ accounting
Compliance work with regulation Business Advice to create success